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Buck Wise on Being Inquisitive and Segmenting Data [FUBCON Session]

Show Notes

Buck Wise

This FUBCON Session of Real Estate Team OS features Buck Wise, the CEO of #CLOSINGDAY Agency and a marketing, branding, and strategy enthusiast.

Watch or listen to this Session with Buck for insights into:
- The need to be inquisitive to guide yourself and guide teams more effectively
- The mentors who’ve shaped Buck’s no-nonsense, results-oriented leadership style
- How your leadership must change at different phases of business growth - and the challenges that come with that
- Balancing agent brand, team brand, brokerage brand, and franchise brand - leveraging the right ones at the right times
- “Marketing is connecting and earning trust”
- Ways to turn data into dollars, from collection through segmentation
- Why wide-net, mass-blast marketing fails in the short term and over the long term
- Why the size of your “list” doesn’t matter as much as you think
- The campaign behind pumpkin spice latte sales growth - and what it means for you
At the end, learn about both his favorite team to root for, the best team he’s ever been on, and the delicate balance of being an enterprise-level organization with startup qualities.

Watch this Session with Buck Wise:
Listen to this Session with Buck Wise:

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- https://www.instagram.com/aboutbuck/
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- https://www.closingdayagency.com/
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