Episode 021

The Leader Works For The Agent with Drew Little

Show Notes

Drew Little

Episode 021 of Real Estate Team OS features Drew Little, Realtor and Team Leader of The Home Run Team in Virginia Beach. He’s just a few years into his real estate career and brings to it 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

Learn how and why he got licensed, started a real estate team, and approached the business influenced by his baseball, military, corporate, and personal experiences.
Hear him out on the misalignment between agent and broker in some models - and how to correct them. Get his story on interviewing nearly two dozen brokers and team leaders when he started his career - and what he looked for to make the decision who to go with.

Watch this episode of Real Estate Team OS for Drew’s insights into:

- Getting buy-in and commitment from team members, who want to be part of something bigger than themselves despite the individualistic nature of the industry
- Working for fulfillment, not just for money (and avoiding “commission breath” in the process)
- Why real estate was the solution when he realized corporate jobs were a problem
- His initial vision for a real estate team that scales, including what needs to be localized and what can be centralized
- “A fanatical focus on clients and on fiduciary responsibility” as a long-term strategy for sustainable success
- The misaligned incentives in some brokerage models
- What it means to be a true fiduciary (and how “helping people pays you back”)
- How an agent should hire a broker (not the other way around) and the one question every broker should be able to answer for you
- Why an agent should never chase splits (but how you can negotiate them)
- The litmus test and value prop for joining The Home Run Team (a long-term asset for the agent)
- Being committed to making sure agents can’t sell any more property anywhere else than with their team
- Their first 3 staff hires (and why)
- Why he’ll always be in sales production
- His commission-based partnership approach to the ISA position (and how it’s paying off for everyone)
- What an agent needs to know and be able to deliver before starting a team
At the end, hear about some benefits (and a drawback!?) of coaching teenage baseball players, how his business partner’s frivolousness balances him out, and what it means to be an “omnivore of improvement.”

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