Episode 022

Creating More Leaders, Not Just More Followers with Matt Smith

Show Notes

Matt Smith

Episode 022 of Real Estate Team OS features Matt Smith, President and CEO of Matt Smith Real Estate Group, the #1 team in Mid-Missouri and the #2 team in the state.
Learn how Matt turned hardships into an environment of productivity, positivity, and accountability - and how anyone can learn the language of leadership. Get insights into hiring staff at the right time - and into empowering both staff and agents to make more and better decisions.
Why should an agent join a team? When should a team leader leave sales production? What’s the 1-3-1 Method? Get those answers and more!

Watch or listen to this episode with Matt to learn:

- How an emphasis on culture and the language of leadership drive team performance
- What it takes to be a leader who creates more leaders, which is a skill you can acquire and develop
- Two questions to answer and one thing to ignore when considering when, whether, and how to leave sales production
- How Matt got started in real estate including personal and business challenges along the way (like a broker taking 97 listings and 42 pendings from his team)
- The nature and structure of his 3-location team that’s hit 25% market share
- Tips for hiring staff in the right order and at the right time to allow growth and minimize friction
- “I’m a TERRIBLE COO” and why he runs operations anyway
- The cause of most problems between people
- How The 1-3-1 Method and two empowering decision-making filters help your staff and agents build confidence, momentum, and success
- Why there are “very few people who wouldn’t be better off on a team” - with a focus on taking more money home each year, not just from each transaction
At the end, learn about the best job Matt has (among many), why his wife walked out of a car dealership on him, and the perfect pairing of podcasts and workouts.

Watch this episode of Real Estate Team OS with Matt Smith:

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