Episode 025

Onboarding and Training As Your Team Differentiators with Nick McLean

Show Notes

Nick McLean

Episode 025 of Real Estate Team OS features Nick McLean, Owner and CEO of Nick McLean Real Estate Group, author of Million Dollar Agent, cofounder of Reside Platform, and coach to top teams and team leaders.
After serving as a wildland firefighter and 747 pilot, Nick started a team in a new market and grew it from 6 agents and 1 staff to 40 agents and 7 staff, from 100 units to 500 units, and from $0.5M in revenue to $5M in revenue over a 10-year period.

Learn how operations in general and onboarding and training in particular differentiated his team - and why those things will matter more for your team in the years to come.

Watch or listen to this episode of Real Estate Team OS for Nick’s insights into:

- The need to be in sync as a team
- The role of belief statements (relative to mission statements and core values)
- Starting a team in a new market and at a time when there were very few teams
- Thinking of your business as a manufacturing business and resolving bottlenecks in the flow (with hiring as the last resort solution)
- Onboarding, training, and standards as the differentiating factors for your real estate team
- Four specific ways to improve training and its value to your team
- The critical importance of knowing the game you’re playing (and sticking to it)
- Why “teams are going to continue to dominate” but how the Pareto principle will wash out teams that aren’t lean, tight, agile, and competitive
At the end, learn how Nick’s experience as a wildland firefighter informed the squadron model for real estate teams, where he takes calculated, Storage-War-type business risks, what there’s an unlimited budget for, how he gets hours and hours of podcasts and audiobooks in, and when his daughter’s on her own with homework.

Watch this episode of Real Estate Team OS with Nick McLean:

Listen to this episode of Real Estate Team OS with Nick McLean:

Connect with Nick McLean:
- https://www.instagram.com/nickmcleanre/
- https://www.facebook.com/nickmcleanrealestate
Check out Nick’s businesses:
- https://www.nickmcleanrealestate.com/
- https://resideplatform.com/
Books mentioned in this episode:
- Million Dollar Agent by Nick McLean
- Same As Ever by Morgan Housel
- The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt
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- https://www.realestateteamos.com
- https://linktr.ee/realestateteamos
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