Episode 024

Setting Your Team Up for Scale with Jeff Brown

Show Notes

Jeff Brown

Episode 024 of Real Estate Team OS features Jeff Brown, Director of People and Operations with The Heaps Estrin Team, the #1 team in Canada under Royal LePage.

He joined the real estate team, led by Cailey Heaps, two years ago after spending about a decade with BMO Financial in human resources and workplace transformation.

Learn how the role shaped up, how the role serves the organization, how they support people through changes (including deeper adoption of Follow Up Boss and opening a second location), how to add performance management, which KPIs are worth reporting, and much more!

Watch or listen to this episode with Jeff for:

- How to get the most from your team and team members
- How he made the transition into real estate two years ago and what the initial role looked like
- Which KPIs are reported each month (and the various ways you can spend on flowers)
- Why timing is the key to opening up mindshare and creating scale for the agents and team leader alike- Insights into two significant projects for the team - a new location and a new vertical
- Culture and communication tips to facilitate change in your company
- How a “five whys” approach helped move the team deeper into their CRM (Follow Up Boss) - and why they looked to go deeper in the first place
- How "the meeting after the meeting" supports training, education, and change
- How the team runs their weekly sales meeting
- How and why to implement true performance management for your admin and support staff - with two specific tips
- Why and how to face the leadership and management aspects of your job even if you don’t love them
At the end, hear about an executive seeking permission from a junior team member, about just how expensive hand wash can be, and about leaving your phone in the other room.

Watch this episode of Team OS with Jeff:

Listen to this episode of Team OS with Jeff:

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