Episode 014

Travis Halverson on More Deals From Your Database With (or Without) an ISA

Show Notes

Travis Halverson

The ISA. The inside sales agent. The “keeper of the leads.”

Travis Halverson is “just an ISA” in the best way. He coaches and consults on the ISA function with Cheplak Digital and EZ Home Search. For years, he served in ISA and ISA leadership roles with Keller Williams Oak and Ocean Group and the Anderson Hicks Group.
In this conversation, Travis shares a step-by-step process you can use today as a solo agent, team, or brokerage to find missed sales opportunities in your database. He also speaks to the three keys to success in engaging people: speed to lead, speed to response, and speed to relationship.

Watch or listen to this episode of Team OS with Travis for insights into:

- Self-accountability and team accountability
- Staring his career taking calls in a DirecTV call center, then setting up call centers and training staff in Cost Rica and El Salvador
- Overcoming the negative stereotypes about call centers and high-volume outreach, as well as the stereotype of the ISA role as a "stepping stone" role
- The importance of framing the ISA position as a sales position (plus a fun, little hack to stay motivated)
- Speed to lead and the reason NOT not to call immediately
- Speed to response and the idea of TOO MUCH automation
- Speed to relationship and the importance of connecting DEEPER than surface level before anyone else
- AI as another point of leverage for agents and for ISAs
- Why your database size tells you whether and when to hire an ISA or an ISA team (and the risk of lead exhaustion if you miscalculate)
- A step-by-step process for any agent, ISA, or team to organize a database to create sales opportunities you’ve missed
- Tips for solo agents who need to prospect on their own - without an ISA
- Balancing quality and quantity in outreach - and automating the WAY you follow up and the WAY you work (rather than automating the follow up itself)
- How timeline and motivation should inform client handoffs between ISAs and agents
- What a team leader should look for (and avoid) when hiring an ISA
- Why the ISA position should be every agent’s stepping stone
At the end, hear about the Anderson Hicks team in Idaho Falls, a traveling coin collection, podcast apps as search engines, and the benefits of a balanced relationship.

Watch this episode of Team OS with Travis:

Listen to this episode of Team OS with Travis:

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