Episode 012

Winston Murray on Splits and Services

Show Notes

Winston Murray

Episode 012 of Real Estate Team OS features Winston Murray, Founder of Works Real Estate in Portland and Seattle.
Winston speaks to the gap and opportunity that inspired the way they’ve built Works Real Estate: being high-volume and tech-forward while remaining hands-on with a focus on long-term relationships.

Watch or listen to this episode of Team OS with Winston for insights into:

- Balancing your relentlessness and determination with humility
- The path from getting fired as a transaction coordinator to joining a team to becoming a solo agent to starting a team to growing from 4 to 140 agents
- Staffing up and recruiting agents to handle the volume brought by the Zillow Flex program
- Why “endless leads mean nothing without quality control”
- Designing a brokerage that balances high-volume, online opportunities with old-school, hands-on service
- The exact splits and service combination he landed at after changing it four times over the past few years
- The tiered levels of splits on SOI business that works for Works
- How they landed at 10x the agents but 1/3 the staff
- Their approach to market expansion
- How they communicated changes in splits and services
- How they make it easy for agents to understand the value of their model
- Why they went independent with the brokerage
- How and why he participates on the Agent Advisory Board for both Zillow and Sisu - and the value of both partnerships
- Why he remains hands-on and active in the team
- How starting a nonprofit for addiction recovery prepared him for building a real estate business
At the end, learn which real estate team leaders inform and inspire his own growth and where he went “all out” instead of holding back “a little more” investing in their new office.

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