Episode 026

The DIRECT Model for Agent Accountability with Koby Sway

Show Notes

Koby Sway

The Briley Team, the #1 real estate team in Nebraska, tripled production over the past few years and they’re pacing for another year of tremendous growth in 2024.
In this conversation with General Manager Koby Sway, you’ll get insights into how they’ve done it, including the DIRECT model to engage, empower, and focus agents and staff.
- Develop rapport
- Indicate focus
- Reinforce / recognize
- Engage in self-discovery
- Create a plan / cause for gap
- Test / tweak / timeline
This is Koby’s first role in the real estate industry. Learn why it made sense for him and for the team, how they’ve grown lead conversion from 5% to 21%, the first hires he made when he joined the team, and more!

Watch or listen for insights into:

- Finding coachable, moldable, and trainable people
- His path from corporate America into a General Manager role with a real estate team
- The two things that drove the need for a GM: challenges with the “Seal Team” approach and the opportunity with Zillow Flex
- Specific growth in agents, production, and conversion over the past few years - and how they achieved it
- - Why he loves termination and how to overcome the reason that 90% of real estate agents fail
- The 6 steps in the DIRECT method to empower people to achieve their goals (and the two steps most people overlook)
- How to get comfortable and confident yourself and how to help your team get comfortable and confident as you start using the DIRECT method
- How they increased lead conversion from 5% to 21% over the past few years
- Two key staff hires early on: Sales Operations Manager and Sales Coach
- How to save time with better feedback loops between team members
- Why the goal of 250 agents and $1B in volume still comes down to one agent at a time
At the end, learn how Kobe made Koby a Lakers fanatic, why he’s such a cheap date, and how you can learn something from anyone and everyone.

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Episode with Tim Grover, NYT bestselling author and trainer for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant:
- https://www.realestateteamos.com/episode/tim-grover-winning-relentless-fubcon-session
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