Episode 017

Profitability Through Per-Agent Productivity with Jim Remley

Show Notes

Jim Remley

Episode 017 of Real Estate Team OS features Jim Remley, who coaches team leaders and brokerage owners on per-agent productivity and profitable growth.
He pioneered one of the first real estate teams in the late 80s and grew it to a 17-office company across Oregon. He later grew a 30-agent team to 250 agents. The keys to both successes: acquisitions, partnerships, and per-agent productivity.
Here, you’ll get telltale signs of an unprofitable real estate company, the best hire a team leader can make, and the simplest recruiting message you can offer.

Watch or listen to Ep 017 with Jim to learn:

1:15 The balance of empathy and automation in “world-class service”
7:36 A team as a brokerage within a brokerage with specialized positions and why they'll absolutely be the dominant players” - responsible for 60-80% of GCI and challenging solo agents at scale
9:14 How the emerging “virtual team” model works and why it makes sense financially
14:25 “The best hire a team leader can make” and the value of coaching and mentorship for agents looking to invest and grow
16:48 A caution on building teams within teams (and a proposed way to do it effectively)
18:25 How a company he started at age 23 grew to 17 offices across Oregon (through acquisitions, partnerships, and recruiting)
20:02 The simplest recruiting message you can offer and how he leveraged it to grow two real estate businesses
23:46 The two ways they entered new markets as they expanded their business and a strategy to bring top performers into new offices
27:06 The per-agent productivity metric to pay attention to (and new data about it)
30:14 The telltale sign of a weak real estate company (and potential acquisition target)
33:18 The importance of listings for profitable growth and “the #1 place where listings will come from in 2024 without question”
35:30 A basic marketing strategy to speak to those 30 million people who’ll be listing over the next several years
38:20 How the Hawthorne Effect helps you recruit and retain productive agents - and the two things to hold them to (participation or performance)
40:59 The “magic words” of “How’s your pipeline?”
43:40 How to decide whether to leave sales production and the one role you have to figure out how to pay for when you do
46:56 Positive signs in the market and 4 top sources to find more stories and data
50:30 At the end, learn about the power of a paper route, what he seeks at used book stores, and the travel goal he’s working toward at least 7-8 weeks per year.

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Jim's News and Data Sources:
- Zillow research https://www.zillow.com/research/
- NAR Economists’ Outlook https://www.nar.realtor/blogs/economists-outlook 
- Redfin News https://www.redfin.com/news/housing-market-news/
- KCM Blog https://www.keepingcurrentmatters.com/blog/
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