Episode 013

Levi Rodgers on More Planning for Better Execution

Show Notes

Levi Rodgers

After surviving an IED attack in Afghanistan as a Special Forces Green Beret and retiring from the US Army, Levi Rodgers started a real estate career.
Hear about his journey from solo agent to team leader to RE/MAX franchise owner to independent brokerage owner.
His 300-person-strong organization operates in three markets, is characterized by speed, flexibility, and service, and was sparked by success with Zillow Offers.

Watch or listen for Levi's insights into:

- Drawing on a variety of voices and stories for information, inspiration, and ideas
- The need to be adaptable in the “constant startup environment” of a real estate business
- How military leadership and real estate leadership are similar (spoiler: they’re about people)
- His path from solo agent to team leader, to RE/MAX franchise owner, to independent brokerage owner
- An overview of his team structure and leadership positions on the path from 30 people to more than 300
- A view into their annual planning process that’s driven by an outside facilitator and captured in an 8’ wide graphic (rather than a multi-page document)
- How an aspiring team leader should think about the brokerage they’re in
- How the Zillow Offers opportunity led him to go independent for greater speed and flexibility
- The recruiting philosophy and approach bringing 10-15 agents a month and hundreds of agents over the past several into the team
- Why successful teams are attractive to experienced agents right now
At the end, find out how this Lakers fan became a “life-long Spurs fan” and a frivolous purchase of “dirt” that may not be so frivolous after all.

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