Hands-On Lead Generation and Conversion with Preston Guyton

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Preston Guyton

Episode 018 of Real Estate Team OS features Preston Guyton, an entrepreneur who’s been a founder of companies in real estate, mortgage, design and construction, online lead gen, and coaching.
Learn how these all work together and learn from his expertise in online lead generation, lead conversion, and email marketing. Pay special attention for the 7-11-4 formula.

Watch or listen to this conversation with Preston for insights into:

1:00 The need for every team member to be committed, consistent, and accountable (even when it’s boring)
4:19 How leadership and marketing translate across the industries he’s served and companies he’s founded
6:24 How his door-to-door sales job kicked off his entrepreneurial journey through real estate, mortgage, construction, and online lead generation
12:18 The challenge of letting people do what they were hired to do
14:43 How they hit the ground running when they opened Palms Realty and the first 3 leadership positions they hired
19:15 Why they opted for an independent brokerage rather than a teamerage or a franchise
20:16 How their Agent Excellence Program provides onboarding for about 10 agents per quarter and improves results across the team
25:12 The lead generation goal of 20-30 leads per agent per month
26:36 The 7-11-4 formula for lead generation, engagement, and conversion (7 hours, 11 interactions, and 4 places)
29:04 Why he still takes a hands-on approach to marketing
33:58 Why your conversion problem is much more about lead follow-up than lead source (and a reminder to stop using canned action plans)
38:38 Tips for email list segmentation and newsletter engagement (including how to structure your emails based on how people read them)
46:53 Why his approach to AI is one of caution
51:15 At the end, learn about his appreciation for Justin Havre, Gary Ashton, and the Real Estate Webmasters community, how he styles up a canned tuna lunch, why he doesn’t listen to music while running or working out, and the benefits of a national (rather than a local) network.

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