Episode 001

Gary Ashton on Luck, Vision, Money, and the #1 RE/MAX Team in the World [001]

Show Notes

Gary Ashton

Episode 001 of Real Estate Team OS features Gary Ashton, CEO and co-owner of The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage.

They’re the #1 RE/MAX team in Nashville, in Tennessee, in the US, and in the world - and have been for several consecutive years.

Watch or listen to this conversation with Gary Ashton for tips on:

- The need for a tolerance for risk
- The relationship between luck, vision, and money
- The need to reinvest continually in your agents and your brand
- Why “the only time you start a team is when you have too many leads for yourself”
- How the team ramps new agents with a 2.5-week bootcamp and how that helps the team succeed as a group
- The role of their ISA team in a “relay race” that gives agents real opportunities, not just leads
- How Gary, Debra Beagle, and Jonny Lee pivoted when they became broker released
- Why they stayed with RE/MAX rather than going independent or joining another brand or franchise
- Why the team model is so advantageous for everyone
At the end, you’ll also learn about watches, rhythm sections, documentaries, and road trips!

Listen to this episode of Team OS with Gary Ashton:

Watch this episode of Team OS with Gary Ashton:

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