Episode 028

Getting New Agents to 100% Proficiency with Jose Samano and Jeffery McGonigle

Show Notes

Jose Samano and Jeffery McGonigle

Every week you meet and learn from a different leader on Real Estate Team OS. Typically, you meet a visionary or an integrator, an owner or an operator, an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur.

This week, you get both in the same episode!

Jose Samano and Jeffery McGonigle are co-owners of Power Real Estate Group in Orange County, California. Jose is the visionary; Jeffery is the integrator and operator.
Together, they bring you inside their journey of attracting, onboarding, and empowering the right people - after initially trying to recruit everyone. You’ll learn what a collaborative culture looks like and how it operates. And you’ll understand how and why they’re turning new agents into “sales athletes” in a real estate industry that’s embracing professionalism.

Watch or listen for Jeffery’s and Jose’s insights into:

- The shift to a more professional industry and the grit and love of fundamentals that success in it requires
- How one started in the industry as a teenager and the other came from corporate management
- Tips and tactics for more effective SOPs (it’s easier and more important than you think)
- How they’ve structured their 140-person team to deliver lower-funnel leads and lots of support systems to agents
- Why they celebrate VAs’ birthdays just like they do every other team member
- Why “We don’t want to change people. We want to enhance them.”
- Why everyone is in-office by 830am, role-playing by 9am, and on the phones by 930am
- Why “You don’t have to be a new agent, but you have to be willing to take on new ideas.”
- Why “The North Star has to be the client.”
- How their agent advisory board process works and what makes it successful
- How their 30-day onboarding and 12-week training programs work and what makes them successful
- How they do collaborative call listening and coaching - spending 45 minutes on a 5-minute call
- Specific tips to work more effectively with VAs
At the end, learn what the Orlando Magic have in common with The Laughton Team, just how inexpensive a unique dining experience can be in LA, and how a book can pour into you, your office, and your agents.

Watch this conversation with Jose and Jeffery:

Listen to this conversation with Jose and Jeffery:

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