Episode 030

90 Days to More Listings with Jordana Tobel

Show Notes

Jordana Tobel

If you’re looking for ways to level up your agents and win the second half of the year, you’ll love this conversation with a fellow Real Estate Team OS viewer/listener.
After building a real estate branch in a corporate banking environment, Jordana Tobel founded Premier Listings in 2015. With plans to triple agent count from 100 to 300, Jordana shares specific ways they’re preparing agents to get uncomfortable, create new habits, and generate more listings with a new 90-day listing program.
Learn why their agents have been getting signed listing agreements for 5+ years, how the NAR settlement can benefit agents, clients, and the industry, and how she’s using an AI training tool (linked up below) to improve agents’ conversations with buyers.

And hear how the diverse needs of agents led to three levels of leads and accountability for agents to opt into - as well as the nuance they’re adding to the highest level of leads and accountability to serve both brand-new agents and deeply experienced agents alike.

Watch or listen for Jordana’s insight into:

- Relentless positivity (without false positivity)
- The value prop inspired by her corporate background and REO properties
- The three partnership levels she created for agents with varying levels of leads and accountability
- The nuance they’re adding to the highest level of leads and accountability to serve new agents and experienced agents alike
- Tripling agent count and raising standards
- Preparing the team for the second half of 2024
- Details of their 90-Day Listing Program to improve skills and habits through training and accountability
- Getting comfortable on camera
- Why their team has been getting signed buyer agreements for more than five years and how the NAR settlement raises their standards … and improves the industry
- Improving role play with an AI training tool
At the end, learn why the captain doesn’t have to be the best player, the frivolity of self-driving mode, and the importance of consuming content like Real Estate Team OS!

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- https://www.youtube.com/premierlistings
- https://www.joinpremierlistings.com/
- https://www.premierlistings.com/
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