Episode 029

Culture as Your Key to Sustainable Success with Abel Gilbert

Show Notes

Abel Gilbert

At one point, ONEPATH Realty was home to 250 agents. Today, that count is approximately 100 - with 50 producing team agents.

Why? Culture, mindset, and focus.
These words are easily and often thrown around - so much so that they can seem soft or squishy. But they’re keys to your sustainable success. In this conversation, Abel Gilbert, broker/owner of ONEPATH Realty in Miami, demonstrates why and explains how.

Worth noting: he considers the human experience of your agents, staff, and clients as the essence of your culture.
Abel also shares practical takeaways from his journey, including the five departments of a real estate team, the two most important leading indicators to watch, the key components of building to the right agent count, and the three areas he wanted to master before opening his own brokerage.
We recorded this together in person at the Pendry in San Diego.

Watch or listen for Abel’s insights into:

- How mindset (not a magic pill or easy answer) makes a team more productive and optimized
- What he was waiting for and developing before opening his own brokerage
- Why he left sales production quickly - on the path of leading and guiding clients, then agents, then a company
- How his team filled in the valleys in the peak-and-valley dynamic of the real estate business
- One system that’s been with him throughout his growth
- The five departments of a real estate team
- The two leading indicators his team focuses on
- Company culture as the human experience of your agents, staff, and clients - and the key to the longevity of your business
- The role of their Culture Manager, why it matters, and where to find the right person
- How he approaches hybrid roles for agents
- Waiting for the right time vs trying things to see what works
- The key components of finding the right agent count
- Why the independent brokerage operating as a team is the future of the business
At the end, he shares with you how he shares the ocean and how 11-year-old triplets allow him to recharge even if they don’t allow him to rest or relax.

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