Episode 027

Performance Marketing with Grant Wise

Show Notes

Grant Wise

Improving sales production and agent recruiting doesn't just require marketing. It requires an additional layer - performance marketing.
Grant Wise has been an entrepreneur his entire adult life and has developed a passion and expertise in direct response marketing. Learn what he’s learned and taught to top teams, including those of several people featured on this show!
Learn how to narrow your focus and investment to what’s really working, how and why to create a deal tracking report, how to create and implement a lead management policy, and more.
Learn why you need at least a 3x return per lead source, why you should send 5 emails per week, and which role can close the “gaping hole” in most team’s businesses.

Watch or listen to this conversation with Grant Wise to learn:

- Getting clear on the top 3-5 things driving growth in your business
- Improving production and recruiting by adding a performance marketing layer (and a P&L for your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts) to your business
- The problem with elevating your social media manager to Marketing Director
- How a Deal Tracking Report tells you what’s driving your profit (not just your revenue) and how to create one (and keep it updated!)
- Why you need a 3x return on every lead source … at a minimum
- How to determine your proper reinvestment rate per lead source
- The “gaping hole” in most team’s businesses that they don’t know about and how a CRM Manager position helps close it
- Why you need a Lead Management Policy and how Keri Shull and her team created and implemented theirs
- The difference between remarketing and retargeting and two tips to increase appointments with remarketing
- How to leverage your expertise of living in and experiencing your community to create more conversations
- Why many people have “automated themselves out of relationship” with their marketplace and how email marketing can help you restore relationships
- How not to misuse AI and synthetic media
At the end, hear a question that’s better asked to Grant’s wife, a dynasty he’s pleased to experience, and a replacement for Netflix in his evening viewing.

Watch this episode on performance marketing with Grant Wise:

Listen to this episode on performance marketing with Grant Wise:

Real Estate Team OS guests Grant's worked with:
- Keri Shull
- Gary Ashton and Debra Beagle
- Justin Havre
- Jon Cheplak
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- www.likegw.com
- https://www.youtube.com/@likegrantwise
- www.facebook.com/likegrantwise
- www.instagram.com/likegrantwise
Mentioned at the close of this episode:
- https://www.masterclass.com/
- https://ouraring.com/
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