Episode 008

Ben Bluemle from Bank-Owned to Luxury Listings

Show Notes

Ben Blumele

Episode 008 of Real Estate Team OS features Ben Bluemle, Broker and Owner of Seaport Real Estate in Savannah, Georgia.
Learn why they’ve built an “anti-team” team and how he made the transition from exclusively selling bank-owned properties to specializing in luxury listings.

Watch or listen for insights into:

- How his football experience (had try-outs with the Eagles and Dolphins) prepared him for a real estate career
- How to identify coachability in agents
- The give and take of accountability, including your staff members
- Why he describes Seaport as the “anti-team” team
- Agent support that includes writing offers, scheduling appointments, a production studio, and the Seaport House
- The path from bank-owned to luxury listings
- The specific, pivotal point along that journey
- How writing countless Broker Price Opinions (BPO) made him a local listing expert
- The role of YouTube and Facebook video in building their local brand
- Why and how to get agents to let go and trust the process for individual and collective success
- The personal story that drives his philosophy and practice of work-life balance with the team
- Why every decision has been made bottom-up with agents, not top-down from leadership
- The meeting cadence that keeps everyone aligned
- Why he still lists properties himself and why recruits should be excited about that
- Questions he loves (and hates) to hear from recruits
At the end, learn why he roots for the LA Chargers, the unexpected costs of a putting and chipping green, and why he won’t show a $2M house on the weekend.

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