Episode 015

Suneet Agarwal on Recruiting As Your Solution

Show Notes

Suneet Agarwal

Episode 015 of Real Estate Team OS features Suneet Agarwal, CEO and Owner of Big Block Realty North and the Best Sac Homes Group, the #1 team in Sacramento and a top team in California.
A co-founder of the Reside Platform, Suneet also coaches top teams and brokerages.
In this conversation, we hit on three of his favorite topics: recruiting, email marketing, and ISAs!

Watch or listen to learn with Suneet:

0:00 Intro and welcome
1:50 Why leadership separates good teams from great teams
4:35 How he landed in real estate after experiences in mortgage, cannabis, bulldog breeding, and other businesses
7:44 How Tristan Ahumada, Jon Cheplak, Lab Coat Agents, and the Keller Williams community helped him on the path to #1 in Sacramento, then #1 in California
12:38 “Recruiting solves all problems” - agents, managers, and admins alike, as well as "compartmentalizing the business"
20:40 The top challenge he hears “across the board” from agents and team leaders right now
24:40 Why the real estate team model is more effective than the traditional brokerage model right now
27:20 Why more team leaders should ignore the “merit badge” of leaving sales production
30:05 How to adjust ad spend in a tough or slow real estate market
35:55 Just how simple the recruiting conversation can be (and how - specifically - he runs his recruiting conversations)
40:24 How he scaled up, then topgraded his ISA team (which includes local and international agents)
44:52 Why earlier is better for the ISA-to-agent handoff
47:12 Why joining a team is the best option for most agents right now
49:50 At the end, Suneet shares the best team he’s ever been a part of (and he’s part of it right now), picks up a beautiful, frivolous purchase, and speaks to investments in both coaching and video games.

Watch this episode with Suneet:

Listen to this episode with Suneet:

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