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Phil Gerdes on Work Ethic and Self-Awareness [FUBCON Session]

Show Notes

Phil Gerdes

This FUBCON Session of Real Estate Team OS features Phil Gerdes, who serves as Associate Broker and Team Leader of The Gerdes Team in Annapolis, Maryland.
In this conversation, he shares - among many other helpful ideas - ways to evaluate work ethic, why he left and returned to sales production, and four specific questions an agent should ask before joining a team.
Watch or listen for insights into:
- Defining work ethic for agents and staff and two ways to evaluate who’s got it
- The importance of self awareness and how it affects team structure and hiring
- The benefits of returning to sales production for himself and for agents on the team
- Convincing people vs training people
- Questions agents should ask themselves before starting a team
- Three ways to improve lead efficiency and lead conversion
- Ways to stay in touch with a shifting market - from multiple perspectives
- Four questions to ask a team leader to evaluate whether or not to join their team
At the end, Phil shares his appreciation for Deon Sanders (not just Deion Sanders) and the culture of the Colorado Buffaloes.
Watch this FUBCON Session with Phil Gerdes:
Listen to this FUBCON Session with Phil Gerdes:

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