FUBCON Session

Tom Ferry on Differentiation and Accountability [FUBCON Session]

Show Notes

Tom Ferry

This FUBCON Session of Real Estate Team OS features Tom Ferry, the #1 ranked real estate coach.

Watch or listen to this episode of Team OS for insights into:
- The desperate need for differentiation and uniqueness in the real estate industry
- How and why to let customers guide more of our decisions
- What he experienced in 1996 that opened his mind and created excitement about the real estate team model (with a specific example)
- One book every real estate agent and team leader should read
- How to improve agent accountability and why confrontation should feel more like “care-frontation” (and three frameworks to help)
- Why every solo agent thinking about starting a team needs a yin to their yang (and three books to help)
- Tips for a solo agent thinking about joining a team (and one point of clarity you need)
At the end, you’ll also learn why one of his most frivolous purchases isn’t very frivolous at all and how creating value for others allows him to elevate his standard when it comes to money.

Watch this episode of Team OS with Tom Ferry:

Listen to this episode of Team OS with Tom Ferry:

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