FUBCON Session

Nick Mallory with 6 Signs of a Stand-Out Brand

Show Notes

Nick Mallory

This FUBCON Session of Real Estate Team OS features marketing and branding expert Nick Mallory, who’s got deep expertise in craft beer and who worked with Elysian Brewing, Rogue Ales, and the Craft Brew Alliance before joining Boneyard Beer as Brand Director.

Watch or listen to this Session with Nick for insights into:

- Your ability to open up conversation, remove obstacles, and unlock creativity by being an empathetic leader
- How a leader should always be working to hire their replacement
- The 6 characteristics every great brand or marketing initiative should have to stand out and differentiate in a commoditized market: Simple, Interesting, Meaningful, Unique, Understandable, and Unexpected
- How to ladder up from agent brand to team brand to brokerage brand to franchise brand
- Balancing investments into your brand promise and your client experience
At the end, find out who he honors to honor his own soul and why the toughest times give you the most learning and growth.

Watch this Session of Team OS with Nick:

Listen to this Session of Team OS with Nick:

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- https://www.nickmallory.com/
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